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The Weekly Koozbanian

Welcome to the first truly objective magazine in the world!

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Here's our objective: No source can be objective from the inside. The best way to look at a story is from the outside. The most outside view you can get is from here in outer space. That's why we the citizens of koozbane have put together this excellent source from our agents in hiding there on the planet earth. They report to us and we publish this weekly report. If you are an earth being, take time now to realize that one out of every three "humans" is really from the planet koozbane. Your family, your co-workers, everybody. Try this simple test. Take a look at the person seated to the right of you. Now take a look at the person seated to the left of you. If you suspect neither of being koozbanian, it must be you. Feel free to browse around, NOTHING is a secret here.

We have few departments to start out with but soon, with our large staff of writers we shall be growing in no time flat. Our staff is up to three writers so far. That's eleven arms furiously typing to produce this excellent effort. Find out about our authors.

Current Time on the planet Koozbane is: